Salem Bridge
Salem Bridges to Change

Whether homeless, just completing inpatient treatment, or getting out of jail or prison, people in recovery often find themselves released into the community without a safe place to live. Those who have completed treatment programs require a clean and sober environment to continue with their recovery program.

Mentor House Hillsboro
Mentor House, Hillsboro

Addicts and alcoholics must have a drug- and alcohol-free living situation or it is much too easy to slide back into addiction. This downward cycle leads to a return to active addiction, creates more victims, and drains an already drained economy. .

Newest Portland Home
Our newest home in Portland

Providing low cost housing is one of the crucial tools to help these men and women. Bridges to Change makes low cost housing available to people who are committed to changing their lives.
We have ten recovery transition houses, providing shelter to 125 men and women in four counties.

Newest Salem Home
Our new Salem home
is as big as it looks!

Each Bridge House has a house manager who lives on site. His or her job is to insure that the house is a safe, positive, clean and sober environment that supports the change efforts of residents. Rents vary from house to house, depending on if it's a single or shared room. Included are utilities, cable TV, phone, and in most houses, computer access with DSL service. Bed linens, and cleaning supplies, and dishes are also included.. We honor diversity, and together our goal is to build a community that provides safety, respect, and dignity for all involved.

West Linn Apartments
Clackamas County Apartments

We have a thirteen unit apartment complex in Clackamas County in conjunction with Community Corrections which houses 42 men and women. There are two women's and 11 men's apartments. Each apartment has a house manager to insure a safe, positive environment for all tenants. The housing is run in conjunction with our Mentor Program, and employment services.

SE 34th St.
SE 34th St., Portland

We have three houses in Multnomah County, one is part of a grant to work with men and women who have completed treatment. They each have a mentor assigned to them to help with employment and long term stabilization.

Washington County Connections
Washington County Connections

We also have two homes in Marion County and three in Washington County. One house is run in partnership with Washington County Housing services as part of the ten year plan to end homelessness. Another house is run as a transition house for men. It also has a mentor attached. We have just opened another men's house in Clackamas County

Oregon ty Office

We have leased office space in Oregon City close to housing, transportation, and services. There is a meeting hall next door, for groups, classes, and meetings. This allows us to have all of our client services in one place; case management, housing, and mentor services. One stop shopping!!

Washington County Homeless
Washington County Homeless Shelter

These properties comprise a total of 20,000 square feet of space providing our clients the ability to walk to most of the services they need during the early stages of transition.

Millikan House
Millikan House

New Life Church in West Linn recently purchased a house for use as a women's transition home. They have asked us to administer the facility.

McKillikan House
McKillican House

Another faith-based house owned by New Life Church. This one is a men's residence.

Gazelle House

Jennings Lodge
Jennings Lodge