The peer mentors at Bridges to Change walk alongside you on your journey to recovery and healing.  We believe that participants are the experts in their own lives and support them in find the path that works best for their needs.

a woman smiles at the camera as she stands on a porch in front of a white house with a lime green door

Developing a strong support system is essential to recovery.

Peer mentors are integral to the wrap around supports that Bridges to Change has to offer. Knowing that every person is different, our peers take a harm reduction approach. We match people with the services and resources that make sense for them. Some areas our peer mentors can help include:
Basic needs such as:
  • Help with treatment, bus transportation, food stamps, and other services
  • ID / Birth Certificates
  • Job search
  • Housing resources
  • Medical care
Recovery needs including:
  • Respect, support, trust, collaboration
  • Finding recovery communities
  • Dealing with everyday stress
  • Self-esteem and positive connections
  • Understanding from having similar experiences in life

Are you looking for a peer mentor and the resources they have to offer?

You can take a look at our Immediate Care page to find more information on what we have available right now!


Immediate Care
a smiling man with his back against a periwinkle blue wall whose hands are in the pockets of the winter coat he's wearing.

“My story gives me hope for those who come after me.  If I can do it, so can they.”

Christopher W.

a smiling woman wearing a color-blocked sweater with her back against a periwinkle blue wall

“My clients and the lessons that I learn from them on a daily basis give me hope.”

Deb. D.

a smiling adult man standing in front of a flagstone wall

“I love serving people in our community and BTC has been a huge gateway to serve our community in a variety of ways in Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity. We get to help people strive for a brighter future.”

Victor V.

a smiling man, tattoos covering his left arm, with his back against a periwinkle blue wall

“Working for Bridges to Change affords me an opportunity to give back by helping people much like myself make positive changes in their lives that will hopefully put them on a path to long-term success.”

Rick F.

a smiling man with his back against a periwinkle blue wall whose hands are in the pockets of the winter coat he's wearing.

“What gives me hope is being able to make a difference in another person’s life and be able to have a positive impact on them by guiding them with my own experience strength and hope.”

Nick P.

a smiling man with his back against a periwinkle blue wall

“I love that BTC gives the opportunity to change and releases many stresses so that folks have a better chance to succeed.”

William H.

a smiling, gray-bearded man, hands clasped at his waist, standing with one leg up on the black wall behind him

“I like the opportunity for growth and the flexibility the organization shows around helping people where they are at.  What gives me hope is seeing people making positive changes in their lives.”

Dean B.