November Donor Spotlight: Dan Linn


Within the communities we serve, remarkable people and companies join in our vision of health and housing for all.

This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Bridges to Change Board President, Dan Linn. Beyond his pivotal role leading the Bridges to Change Board of Directors, Dan makes a difference through his ongoing commitment to advancing our vision of health and housing for all.

Each month, as a member of our monthly giving program, Housing Heroes, Dan extends his support through monthly donations. His generosity ensures we have the resources to respond to the immediate needs of the clients we serve. Dan shared that “giving every month has more meaning to me than one big donation. It’s a consistent source for BTC.”

Dan’s company, Hello World, has been a key sponsor for our annual PDXRFF Red Carpet Luncheon, and offers coding scholarships to help bring new skills and career opportunities to Bridges to Change clients.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to create a company in my hometown. Giving back to that same community is something that is very important to me,” Dan shared. “I love being a part of an organization that is affecting real change in our community and providing options to people who don’t have many left. It is doing the work that needs to be done.”

Thank you, Dan and Hello World! for your impact and all the support you show us at Bridges to Change!

We invite you to learn more about Hello World:


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