Supporter of the Month: Clean Cause


We are so grateful for our diverse community of individuals and companies that champion our vision of health and housing for all.

CLEAN Cause isn’t just a brand; they are mission-driven leaders. Remarkably, 50% of their net profits go towards supporting addiction recovery through CLEAN Cause Foundation (CCF) and their recovery housing initiatives. CLEAN Cause has generously supported Bridges to Change by providing donated beverages for our annual Alumni BBQ and by providing critical support through their Recovery Housing scholarship program.

It’s not just about financial support; it’s about a shared vision. CLEAN Cause understands the complexities of recovery and the multifaceted approach it requires.

CLEAN Cause shared: “CLEAN supports Bridges to Change because we believe in the power of the recovery community, and we know that the key recovery support of recovery housing can make a real difference in people’s long-term wellness!” The CLEAN Cause Foundation is proud that to date, they have supported over 4,829 people with recovery housing scholarships throughout the nation (valued at more than $2,414,595.) CCF is also engaged in a large-scale research project focused on recovery housing sustainability.

To our friends at CLEAN, thank you for being inspiring partners in our mission!

To our supporters and subscribers, we encourage you to learn more about CLEAN Cause and the CLEAN Cause Foundation. By choosing CLEAN products, you’re not just enjoying a high-quality beverage; you’re also joining the movement to help people in recovery. Visit their websites here: &


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